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What Guests Are Saying

The Gulf Coast Concierge service was excellent! My husband and I gave ourselves a surprise birthday party and they were able to arrange the delivery of a birthday cake and balloons. It had all our kids and family wondering who in the world would have done this (we kept thanking our guests for a great surprise, keeping them in the dark about throwing ourselves the party!) In the end, I gave THEM gifts and they finally figured out what was happening!
— Trudie M.

First of all I would like to give you a huge thank you for one of the best vacations we have had. We have had the opportunity to travel all over Texas but Galveston (Indian Beach) was the best. I know that God was the reason for the beauty of Galveston and all of Texas for that matter but you were responsible for making sure everything else was taken care of.

I can’t begin to tell you what it meant for my 18 year old nephew to walk in and see the house decorated in his favorite colors with cake and all for his birthday. It was epic and he was touched. The cake was delicious and the decorations were perfect. Our kids thoroughly enjoyed the paddle boards, the canopies worked out perfectly and so many more things that would take me a long time to tell. As you know a bunch of my family got a stomach flu and we had to cancel the Fire Night. I was worried we would not get refunded for that but realized if it didn’t happen I understood, but you came through and agreed to refund our money. What a blessing.
— Geri R.

Thanks for helping me make my boyfriends birthday was a great place to stay, convenient to the beach and restaurants, and the concierge service is on point.
— Katie G.

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